Turning the other cheek can lead to spiritual growth

Unfortunately, the world is not always a fair place. The fact s that some people in society have more power than others, and they use this strength to get what they want. It is a situation that has persisted since the dawn of time. However, author and philosopher Ilchi Lee says that focusing on this type of injustice can interfere with spiritual growth.

The fact is that even adversity can bring opportunity. It may not always be the kind of opportunity a person had in mind, but it may lead to fulfillment in life. However, it becomes more difficult to appreciate these chances when a person is busy feeling wronged.

“When you feel like a victim, or inferior, you close your own mind. Be open to all your possibility,” Lee said.

This advice is particularly salient in today’s modern world. There are many times throughout the course of an average day in which an individual may feel wronged. Perhaps another driver cut them off on the road or another shopper grabbed the last of an item they were looking. Adversity may even come more serious forms, such as the growing economic injustice that is happening in the U.S.

However, these things all provide individuals with an opportunity to exercise the better parts of their nature. This may in turn lead to spiritual growth.  

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